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Autograph Books

Here’s my take on autograph books. If you have a small child and you are unsure how committed they will be to the autograph book, I suggest hitting up the Dollar Tree Store. It’s seriously a dollar and you can splurge on a pack of Disney stickers for another dollar. Our daughter at age 3 was enthralled by all of the Disney celebrities. She couldn’t wait to get them to sign her book! She’s now 8 years old and still has the book. On the other hand, my son was less interested but he still went through the motions. I’m glad we only spent $1 because once we came home, he never looked at it again. If you want something a little fancier for your princess, I highly recommend the below autograph book.

When we went on our princess trip, both girls had their own autograph book. My friend’s daughter and my daughter were both 7 years old and are big readers. My daughter’s best friend is also big on journaling. While they relaxed in their strollers and we power walked through the parks, she journaled every moment in her book. My daughter only documented a few highlights.

The best part is we are having a scrap booking party next week to relive the trip, play Disney music and fill our book with pictures and comments.

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