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Cruise Kids’ Club

As a mom I feel responsible for everything.  I’m not but that’s the dialogue in my head.  When we fly and I didn’t bring the right ratio of snacks I feel guilty or I give my rations to my family and then I’m hangry. Either way, it’s a lose lose situation.  So, I feel like I have to be on my game ALL. THE. TIME.

What makes kids club change that?

When we vacation, I am with my children 24/7.  Often times they are sleeping on me or kicking me through the night.  I am monitoring their nutrition, activities and happiness level.  It’s exhausting. On the cruise we would wake up, eat breakfast and spend amazing quality time at the pool or at the onboard activities, during all that we’d eat lunch.  Then as I became a tad sleepy I would announce, “Time for kids’ club.” The kids would cheer, I would drop them off and then get some much-needed space.  My husband could nap, and I could sit on the balcony and enjoy a booster coffee or start day drinking.  It didn’t matter what I was doing because I had a moment to only sit and think about nothing but the waves.  Once I had an hour or two to myself, I would genuinely miss my children and get them out of kids’ club.  It was fantastic.

It’s a guilt free recharge. 

The other time we used kids’ club was mid dinner. If the kids finished their food at a reasonable pace, they could go back to kids’ club instead of sitting with the boring adults.  This allowed us to focus on the children and have really fulfilling conversations with them guiding the topics.  Then one adult would leave dinner, walk them to kids’ club and then come back to enjoy wine and dessert with other adults.  We could then have adult conversations with our parents in a stress-free (whining-free) zone.   

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