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Disney Life Saver

When you think about family vacations you think you’ll “unplug.” Which you should, in fact, delete your work email from your phone and enjoy your family time. Unfortunately, you CANNOT unplug if you want to optimize your trip. The My Disney Experience app is AMAZING and you need access to it. I was almost out the door when my husband handed me this portable charger. I had forgotten while planning everything that my cell phone dies halfway through every day. Instead of getting a new phone, I chose to complain about it and plug in over lunch every day.

If I hadn’t had a back up charger it would have caused us great stress as much of your in-park experience is guided by the Disney app. If you use up all your Fast Passes, you can sometimes get more at the end of the day. If you end up at your Fast Passes selection to find that the wait isn’t long, you can delete that Fast Pass and opt for another one. If you’re lost, you log on to My Disney Experience and it guides you through the park. Hunger? You can order food on the app and walk past all the folks waiting in line to order their food. If you have a questionable battery at all, you have to invest in a charger. A charger like this will get you 2 charges during the day. One thing I particularly like about this charger, is that I can charge it using the same cable I use to charge my iPhone (or pretty much any other phone charging cable). For those of you with newer phones, it also supports quick/fast charging of most models as well.

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