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Memory Maker

This is one add on that I regret not adding on sooner in my Disney travels. It’s $169 and it’s worth every penny if you are staying for more than a few days.

The Magic Shots alone were so much fun for us! As we waited in line we would pull up our Disney Experience App and flip through pictures showing how much fun we were having! This is immediate gratification at its finest. We would also find out what the photographer secretly snuck into our photo. The first Magic Shot we did, ended up being Tinkerbell flying over us and sprinkling Pixie dust on us. It was hard to convince my daughter to look at the camera instead of up for a few shots. She was enthralled by the possibility that Tinker Bell might be near by.

I can’t remember why my family left me alone for a short time. My immediate response was to find a photographer and create a Magical Memory. When my kids see this picture they say, “oh you’re so fun” or “oh so crazy.” Truth be told the Magic Shots aren’t even what makes me the happiest. It’s the candid close-up picture they take of the kids. Seeing my children’s innocent face while they are at their happiest is amazing. We also have a ton of flawless family photos. I’ve paid a lot more than $169 for family photos and left with no perfect photos. After a Disney trip, there are too many perfect pictures.

You also get all of the pictures taken during your rides.

Poor husband, holding on for dear life.

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