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I shop for souvenirs BEFORE we go to Disney!

Shopping at Disney stresses me out. The entire time my child is staring at a toy that they may or may not be happy with at the end of the day is brutal. This is precious parade and ride time for me. I like to preemptively shop for souvenirs. There are two ways to do this with your children.

Surprises Everyday!

When my kids were younger I would go to 2 stores. JCPenney and the Dollar Tree Store. I would gift wrap new Disney outfits and toys and pack them in our suitcases. I would let them unwrap one every night they didn’t harass me to buy them a balloon or toy. The dollar store is great for little trinkets and glowsticks. JCPenney has great sales on Disney apparel.


Now that my kids are older we discuss the pros and cons of buying souvenirs. (Cons of souvenirs is wasting precious park time and inflated prices.) Then if they would like to spend time shopping BEFORE the trip to pick out the perfect outfit or toy, we do that. Depending on what they chose they can take it on the trip or have it wrapped up and waiting for them when we get back. Sometimes the anticipation is more exciting than the actual gift. This also gives them something to look forward to when we get home.

I LOVE using Ebates for this. This works in the store as well as online. You can save an extra amount just for clicking through Ebates. Click here and sign up. Disney is currently (December 2018) giving 5% cash back for purchases and JCPenney is giving 3-4% cash back.

If you use our link below: you get $10 after spending $25 on things you were planning to purchase anyway.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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