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The Disney Souvenir You’ll Keep for Ever

I have one souvenir from Disney that I will keep forever.  When my son was 3 years old and my daughter was 6 years old I had them sit for a silhouette picture.  I absolutely LOVE having these up in my home.  I take pause and think about how precious they were during this trip to Disney.  The excitement and magic were overwhelming, especially for the 3-year-old.  He was smiling every moment while we were at Magic Kingdom. 

The silhouettes cost $8 each, you can pay an additional fee to have them framed.  Watching the artist create these with tiny scissors was equally special. My kids kept asking questions while the artist was trying to focus. Sitting still was nearly impossible for them. Luckily, it only took the artist less than 10 minutes to complete the picture.

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