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The lamest part of Animal Kingdom is my child’s favorite

When I think about Animal Kingdom and all its amazing lands, my first thought is Pandora. Pandora is gorgeous and amazing.  When I ask my 5 year old which land is his favorite he says, “Dinoland.” Wha?!?! Seriously, Dinoland U.S.A.? It is so underwhelming, but man my kids LOVE it.  For one, there are no lines.  For two, they get full freedom to play with no oversight.

The Boneyard is one of the few areas that they get to run without anyone yelling at them.  When you think about Disney there is a lot of walking, a lot of waiting, and then spectular experiences.  Surprisingly at the parks there is very little opportunity for little kids to get all of their wiggles out.  It’s hard for an adult to comprehend but climbing, running, sliding and digging for a child is very memorable, when they are stuck in a stroller all day.  It’s hard to pay Disney prices for a child to dig in sand for an hour but it’s important to remember that they are resetting while they zone out and move sand around.  If you allow you child this open play for a little while they will be recharged and ready for the next adventure after a a little shade, a snack and imagination.

Dinoland U.S.A. also has a fabulous ice cream stand with homemade ice cream cookies.

 The other favorite for my kids is the TriceraTop Spin, it’s basically Dumbo but Dinosaur themed.  Little kids don’t understand the iconic importance of the Dumbo ride so this is just as fascinating without the wait.  My kids also love the Primeval Whirl, gentle enough for little kids but it spins enough for some thrill.  If you look hard enough you will find Donald and friends hiding behind the shrubs.  The Dino-rrific Dance party is also exillerating.

If you like barfing hit up Dinosaurs! We seriously staggered out of Dinosaurs insanely motion sick and my 5 year was terrified. His body was shaking with fear throughout the ride and he typically enjoys roller coasters.

Finding Nemo the musical is also tucked away behind Dinoland U.S.A. This is a very well done show and we try not to miss it.

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