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What is travel hacking? It’s the way to get the most out of your credit card rewards to fund your vacations. We like to use a few specific credit cards between my husband and myself to maximize the amount spend on our flights and hotels. Prior to becoming Disney Travel Agents. We went to Disney 7 times in 8 years. (Our oldest child is 8 years old.) In 2019, we went twice. How does 2 middle-class Nebraskans (402 is our area code, hence our name) travel that much? Let me detail it below:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

  • Click Here  If you use our credit card link, we get points too, which translates into more flexibility for trip bonuses for you from us.
  • Currently, you need to spend $4,000 in three months to walk away with 60,000 points plus. (June 2019)
  • Our typical trip to Disney is one week at an All-Star Resort, 5 park days and the dining plan. You are usually looking at ~$4,000.
  • When we book our Disney trip, we receive our 60,000 points plus 2 points per $1 (because it’s travel) then we have $600 + ready to spend on airfare for our next trip or if there is availability for the trip we just booked.
  • The BEST part is Chase’s Travel cancellation policy.
  • The $95 annual fee is no longer waived for the first year. (Put a reminder on your calendar to cancel the card after the first year and move your points to another card.) The annual fee is worth the cost since they increased the card to give you 60,000 points.
  • The goal is to get 1 point to equal 1 cent.
  • Every trip we grab a new credit card to fill our “flight fund.”
  • Repeat with your spouse applying for the credit card. (It’s important not to put your spouse on the card. This allows for 2 different card bonuses to be used.)

This only works to your advantage if you pay off your credit card every month!