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Why you should use a Disney Travel Agent

  1. It’s the same price or cheaper. At first, I was skeptical. When I met a Disney travel agent at a party and she said, “it’s the EXACT same price as you would pay online.” I didn’t believe her. When I researched my trip, I got my quote, then I called her. It was actually a little cheaper. A Disney travel agent has all of the current discount codes.
  2. They can make the trip planning process so much easier. They also have extensive knowledge of how to set up your itinerary. For instance, she convinced to grab a morning flight on our arrival so we could make reservations at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. It was amazing! I was also reminded to pack their Disney outfits for that night in case we left before our luggage arrived.
  3. They help with reservations Mickey’s Backyard BBQ was not on my radar. I didn’t think about getting reservations on a non-park day. a If someone hadn’t recommended it we would have missed a great time meeting the characters, eating ribs, and dancing!
  4. A brainstorming partner. You ’ll never meet another adult that’s as excited about your Disney trip as your Disney Travel Agent. They can help you arrange a trip that fits best for your family, time frame and budget.
  5. If you enjoy setting up your trip, you can still work with an agent. They book your initial reservations and then you can set up your own fast passes and dining reservations. However, now you have a direct line for any questions that come up with your own “do it yourself”trip planning.

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